Our ambition is that you as a player, team staff or official will enjoy your stay in Uppsala in all possible ways. Besides arranging a fair competition of highest quality we will do our best to ensure you thrive and want to return. A few of the things we offer to create a great atmosphere are:

Everything should be close and the distance to the official hotel is minimal, only 150 meters. The closest grocery store is 250 meters away. In the arena and the hotel there are three different restaurants giving you the possibility to get variation and choose what suits you the best. The restaurants have different themes and long opening hours.  

In the arena there is a separate warming-up/practice hall with five courts. This is where the warming-up will take place, but we also hope there will be space for eliminated players to practice. There is also a gym which all participants have free access too. 

In addition, there are lounges in both the arena and the hotel for players and team staff to kick back and relax. 

On top of the above you can visit our relax/spa or play tennis, padel, squash or table tennis to discounted prices, all within a walking distance of about 100 meters. 


We take the situation very seriously and follow developments continuously. 
Information will be presented here on an ongoing basis.


The week before the Swedish Open, Estonian International take place in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn is only an hour’s flight from Uppsala and there is also the possibility to board a boat from Estonia to Sweden. If you have plans to participate in both Estonian International and Swedish Open, an alternative might be to travel directly from Estonia to Sweden.

If you are interested in playing Estonia and Swedish Open and between the competitions have your base left in Uppsala then you are welcome to contact Info Swedish Open.  We will be happy to help you with a package for all week regarding accommodation and training opportunities in Uppsala.

In Uppsala we have the club Fyrisfjädern as well as the National team center who both organize high quality practice during the whole week.

Finally, this website is for the competition where all information will be posted and updated. This is where you find all you need to know for your stay and also where you make hotel and transportation reservations. 

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. 

A warm welcome to you!